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We are a group of young people with a passion for music who want to make the world a more beautiful place by putting music in everyone's face. We are a bunch of people that have all of our senses anchored to the earth. We'll take a look. We've heard you. We have a strong odour. We take a bite. We have an impression. Then we combine all we've learned into a nicely exciting bundle. Radio PSA: We recommend that you review our program list/schedules for every day (Monday through Sunday) to ensure that you are streaming the correct show for continuous new music updates. Frequencies: We are worldwide; we move with you — DJ MoreMusic Radio. Free internet radio and music streaming online — Listen to free internet radio, music, news, sports, and podcasts. Every day, DJ MoreMusic Radio broadcasts live, with the latest music, DJ mixes, and exciting playlists. DJ More Music Radio — We have optimized everything and anything to provide you with the fastest possible experience when streaming limitless latest music and DJ Mixes on a daily basis. DJ More Music Radio broadcasts More Music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As long as you stay with us, we love you ❤️. we are top-listed in the world. Check Us Out! We are LiVE! Press the Play button at the top to start listening 📻 — Join Our Live Programme Cruise.

Programs and Announcers

Host Takeover - Play a Track, Ayomide'Biyi - More music Breakfast, Omo'nikara - Drivetime, PRiME De Host - Around The Hub, Overnight Music, Randon Music - Universal Playlist, Top 100 - Trending, Music Market - New Discoveries, Oga DJ - Weekend Wake Up (Afro-beat), Oga DJ - Weekend Groove (Amapiano), The Shy - DJ Non Stop Music, Top 100 Naija Gospel Songs - Universal Playlist, Oga DJ - Reel To Reel The Soundtracks, Shady - Around The Hub

Frequencies FM

  • Abuja : Online
  • Benin City : Online
  • Enugu : Online
  • Ibadan : Online
  • All Frequencies



Telephone: +2348146631308