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Thirty Two FM 94.9

Filling the air with laughter

thirty two FM is a contemporary, urban, comedy themed radio station. It is a crew united by happiness and with a zeal to spread laughter across the world. We speak to the young and the matured (but witty) individuals aged 16 years + (especially Nigerians). Our Mandate The world today seems to suggest that we have more reasons to frown than to smile, to complain than be grateful, to yell than to laugh. The world has thus been blinded to the many fun-filled moments that make life richer. We are here to bring humour to the airwaves and smiles to your hearts. We make a promise today, to dominate sadness and fill the world with laughter, one broadcast at a time.

Programs and Announcers

Ayooka, Newspaper Review in English, Smart Kids, Osokutuwowo, BBC Yoruba

Frequencies FM

  • Ibadan : 94.9 FM



Address: 4th Floor, Adebola House, 38, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone: +234(0) 7055000949, (0) 8097000949